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Motherhood & Families

Maternity Photo Shoot In The Desert | Abu Dhabi

The first baby is always a totally new experience for the expecting mummy and in a different way for the daddy alike. You got to have a maternity photo shoot. Living in Abu Dhabi one of the top locations is the desert! And Fiona had contacted me knowing EXACTLY what she wanted. Out to the […]

Motherhood & Families

Family fun in the desert | Abu Dhabi

A very special desert photoshoot this has been. As this little family has decided it’s time for a new adventure. . To remember their wonderful time in Abu Dhabi they simply had to have a family desert photoshoot. . How beautiful and exciting everything will be for them, a new home, new adventures and the […]

Motherhood & Families

In Home Newborn Session | Abu Dhabi

Let’s welcome baby Shiana. Her family newborn photo session was so much fun. The home I was invited to was filled with laughter, love and furry kids… Two sweet dogs and a very loyal cat to be precise were also part of her family. I was more than happy to meet them all alongside beautiful […]

Motherhood & Families

Family Newborn Session | Abu Dhabi

Raising boys, what’s your super power? . So happy having met this family for their newborn session at home. A wonderful Mama who is blessed by a set of beautiful twin boys and just delivered another baby boy end of 2020. . This boy Mama will be surrounded by handsome men for the rest of […]

Motherhood & Families

In Home Newborn Session | Abu Dhabi

.A new life is the only thing that can make up for 2020 and turn it around to something much better than what it was. THANKS to this cute baby boy whom I was lucky to meet at the end of December. If it wasn’t for all the beautiful babies I got to meet in […]

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