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Family Desert Photo Shoot | ABU DHABI

My forever favourite place, Abu Dhabi desert, and a happy family is all I need to create some magic. The soft sand welcomes you lovingly in every way, and really EVERYWHERE.. . Which is the imperfect perfection to me. . Since hair has more beauty when nature can have a play with it than an […]

Motherhood & Families

Newborn Photoshoot at home | ABU DHABI

Oh my, welcome my dear little baby boy. This newborn session was simply gorgeous, involving the whole family. . Mommy, is just finishing her hair and make up while I get to know grandma and re-connecting with big brother and Daddy who I had met before. This is usually how it works, Mommies are always […]

Motherhood & Families


Well this was our beautiful pre COVID-19 desert family photoshoot. . Life as we remember. Life we all would like to return to. . Just haven’t had the heart to blog it yet… . And how do you feel about it? Is this what you are going back to now too? . ‘Cause when the […]

Motherhood & Families


Like most people we are at the end of the second month of self-isolation and it seems like this experience has been a mix of plenty of adjustments and the whole array of feelings a human body & mind is able to experience. Think outside the box, improvise, life has given you lemons? Make lemonade. […]

Motherhood & Families

How to take your own Newborn Photos

Dear Mama, It breaks my heart to know that you won’t get to have your precious new baby photographed how you had envisioned. With everything going on in the world today, a brand new baby is something to celebrate and enjoy so I would love to help you document those first few days in the […]

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