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Motherhood & Families

A place no one else can ever take

But SHE can take the place of all others…

Our one and only MAMAS.

There is this one day each year where we celebrate and honour our Mothers,

but different countries celebrate it on different days… It’s mostly in March or May but leading me to loads of confusion year after year. Not only as to when it is but also which one I shall celebrate myself (being a Mummy since 2014)…

I am german but my children were born in the U.A.E. and hold German/British nationality…

At least I have no doubt when it comes to my own Mama – I am forever grateful for all she has done and still does for us!

One day is just not enough to show her all the love, appreciation and gratitude we hold for her.

That’s why an everlasting present with a much higher meaning for her and any future generations is my way of celebrating a memorable Mother’s Day.

Next week it’s Mother’s Day here in the U.A.E.

And since I love to capture Motherhood in every way I can’t get enough of showing it to you all!

p.s. don’t forget to say “THANK YOU MAMA” any day of the year


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