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#UnitedByWings Watercolour Art

Hello lovely people!

I’m finally back, and with a new collection – Watercolour Artwork of photographs.

I am so excited to create something very special for all of the cabin crew and flight crew who have unfortunately been made redundant due to the unprecedented global pandemic crisis.
Aviation has taken the biggest hit and I feel for all my colleagues around the globe.
You might not know everything of my past, but I spent time living and loving the life of a globe traveling cabin crew – pre kids. International airspace was my favourite place to be.
I worked for 3 airlines, Etihad, BMI and British Airways.
And I resigned with a heavy heart…
This is a totally unique and difficult situation for all of you beautiful people, and I would like to give you some support during these hard times.
I hope my art work might just help you get on a new path with the right mindset.
Just send me any photograph you love & cherish and I’ll create a watercolour art work of your crew life for you.

This piece comes personalised with your name(s), airline and tenure.

There is a “post flying life” but you’ll always stay crew in your heart.

Let new adventures begin.

They’re filled with the magic of new beginnings.

 All custom works will be sent digitally.
No physical posters will be sent.
All art work will be done with Sublimely Sweet Photography’s logo watermark on the photo.

1 Art work made of 1 Photograph

(no composition of multiple pictures, no editing of the original picture given) = $49.00 / 180.00 AED

This is me during my Etihad times:
Watercolour Artwork of photographs by Sublimely Sweet Photography

Are you crew? Know someone that is? Just get in touch and you’ll soon have that special something.

Contact me here!


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