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Dawn is a feeling


Come back to yourself

You shouldn’t wait for something so special as a wedding or a baby to tell your story. You are perfect and enough to tell your own story now. I love portrait photography, for it is the art of capturing the personality, emotions and expressions of a person. It’s not about someone else beside you. Just […]


Couple Photography  | Abu Dhabi

Here’s to all the new lovers finding their FOREVER in times of a pandemic! I am so amazed by your journey, which wasn’t and still isn’t perfect. But it truly is YOUR journey…. . Aaaand they’re engaged!!!! . And turns out we are neighbours! In our first (online zoom) meeting we were chatting away, planning […]


Couple Photography  | Abu Dhabi

Rawa & Ayman are engaged!! I am so excited for them, they have finally found each other. Why finally? Because their story is very much like “Serendipity” which is one of my favourite movies.. . They have met here in Abu Dhabi during lockdown and turns out Ayman is friends with one of her cousins. […]


This is NOT my usual work “Incredible humans – Kids 2020”

But a very special big thank you to all our children! Incredible humans – Kids 2020 . The little ones are the real heroes, who have suffered the most during this year. Let’s be honest, even for us adults this year was a challenge. But for the little ones it was on a different scale […]


#UnitedByWings Watercolour Art

Hello lovely people! I’m finally back, and with a new collection – Watercolour Artwork of photographs. I am so excited to create something very special for all of the cabin crew and flight crew who have unfortunately been made redundant due to the unprecedented global pandemic crisis. . Aviation has taken the biggest hit and […]

Everything you can imagine is real.

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