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Dawn is a feeling

Motherhood & Families

Desert Maternity Photo Shoot | Abu Dhabi

A very special maternity photoshoot in the desert this was. . Firstly because mum-to-be Sarah had a very difficult pregnancy with several hospital stays to be on the safe side and to carry her baby full term. . Secondly because they wanted to bring their furry baby along to the shoot who was the sweetest […]


This is NOT my usual work “Incredible humans – Kids 2020”

But a very special big thank you to all our children! Incredible humans – Kids 2020 . The little ones are the real heroes, who have suffered the most during this year. Let’s be honest, even for us adults this year was a challenge. But for the little ones it was on a different scale […]

Motherhood & Families

Family photography at the beach, Abu Dhabi | Saadiyat

How about some beautiful family time at a wonderful beach? Sounds just like the right thing to me… . What I love so much about my work, apart from the photography part, is meeting all my clients. It’s always so fascinating, even tho we are mostly from different parts of the world, we all do […]

Motherhood & Families

Newborn Session at home | Abu Dhabi

It’s a boy!! The wait is over… . If you come over to my blog on a regular basis you might remember this Mamas beautiful desert Maternity session. If not just click on the link to be up to date what you’ve missed so far ( . Could you have done it? I definitely could […]

Motherhood & Families

Rock and Roll glamour in the desert | Abu Dhabi

A very unique family photo session full of love . This year of 2020 has told us many things but most importantly it has crystallized one thing. Like the salt crystallizes as the water evaporates – to hold these precious moments with our loved ones in even higher regard. . And just like salt molecules […]

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