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A magical desert session with these soon to be three | Abu Dhabi

I’m so happy for these two – in the end all went well. But at at the beginning of their session we encountered huge winds and when I say “I can’t take any pictures right now” you know it was bad, really bad. We had to stay in our cars and wait for the wind […]

Engagement Photography


I’m SO excited to share Kathy and Gary’s Engagement Session!  Kathy and I had been chatting back and forth via zoom about their Engagement Session.  She lives in Texas and was only going to fly to Abu Dhabi for a weekend to see her fiancé and have me capture their incredible love story. – No […]


Couple Photography  | Abu Dhabi

Here’s to all the new lovers finding their FOREVER in times of a pandemic! I am so amazed by your journey, which wasn’t and still isn’t perfect. But it truly is YOUR journey…. . Aaaand they’re engaged!!!! . And turns out we are neighbours! In our first (online zoom) meeting we were chatting away, planning […]


Couple Photography  | Abu Dhabi

Rawa & Ayman are engaged!! I am so excited for them, they have finally found each other. Why finally? Because their story is very much like “Serendipity” which is one of my favourite movies.. . They have met here in Abu Dhabi during lockdown and turns out Ayman is friends with one of her cousins. […]

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